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    - Airport transfer---
There is fixed price if the customer wants to be picked up from the airport and needs to be dropped off some place   within same city.For cities which have different domestic and international airports,the charges for the transfer from domestic airport might be different than those for international airport.
    - Local trip /within city use---
      if the customers needs a car for local use,the car service is provided for half day/full day (8hour/80kms).Any extra hour and extra km. Is charged at the applicable for that car in that particular city.
    - Outstation trip / out of city use-------
     :- If the customer needs a car to make an outstation trip to another city,the customer would be charged the round trip irrespective of whether the customer returns to the city or not.
     :- In case of multiple outstation trips ,if the trip does not end in the city from where it starts ,extra kms equivalent to the distance between the cities where the trip ended to the city where it started would be charged.
     :- For every city from where the trip started,there is a minimum number of  kms per day that the customer would be charged in case the total kms for the entry outstation trip.(i.e.,the total kms to and from the same city) is less.
     :- Any extra km would be charged at the rate as applicable for that car in that city from where the out station trip originated .
     :- If the trip involves the night stay ( out of the city from where the trip started ) for the chauffeur ,there'll be night charges for each such night.The night charges would vary based on the city from where the trip started as well as the type of the car.

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